Declaration, community conditions as mitigation (McNally 2008)

Provides a list of federal capital prosecutions in which the history and economic and social conditions of the defendant's  neighborhood were introduced as mitigation evidence.

Declaration, use of videotaped penalty witness (McNally 2007)

Provides a list of federal capital trial in which videotapes of non-testifying individuals were introduced into evidence.

Declaration re Execution Impact (McNally 2013)

Provides a list of cases in which juries have found execution impact evidence as a mitigating circumstance. The list of cases is divided into two groups - those that resulted in a life sentence and those that resulted in a death sentence.

Declaration re Residual Doubt (McNally 2014)

DECLARATION OF KEVIN McNALLY REGARDING FEDERAL JURIES WHICH HAVE CONSIDERED OR FOUND THE EXISTENCE OF LINGERING OR RESIDUAL DOUBT AS A MITIGATING CIRCUMSTANCE 1. I currently serve as the Director of the Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel Project, assisting court‐appointed and defender attorneys charged with the def