National Institute of Justice, Forensic Sciences
NIJ provides information on various types of forensic evidence.

National Legal Aid & Defender Association, Forensics Library
NLADA  provides information on numerous topics of interest to capital litigators such as blood spatter, ballistics, fingerprints, DNA, etc. 

Forensic Science in Criminal Courts (President's Council, September 2016)
The Council offers recommendations on actions that could be taken by a variety of interested entities, including the Department of Justice and the FBI to address two important gaps: (1) the need for clarity about the scientific standards for the validity and reliability of forensic methods and (2) the need to evaluate specific forensic methods to determine whether they have been scientifically established to be valid and reliable.

Georgetown Law Review (Preface by Hon. Alex Kozinski, 2015) 
Judge Kozinski catalogues and discusses popular myths about the reliability of certain types of scientific evidence.